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message in a bottle

The message? Beach house chic. Lately I've been loving the giant glass bottle in interiors. Sometimes coloured, sometimes clear, sometimes wrapped in rope, sometimes a lamp, sometimes not. Best when overscale and shapely. Here are some lovelies (and BTW, so chuffed with myself to have finally figured out how to place images side-by-side -- baby steps for me when it comes to tech matters!):


sources: 1: Pheobe Howard. 2, 3, 4, 5: Tom Scheerer. 6, 7: SR Gambrel. 8, 9: Pottery Barn.


Garden inspiration. Nobody could ever call me a gardener, but I do so love looking at beautiful ones. My ultimate dream garden must-haves: plenty of green, boxwood, white blooms, statuary, topiary and treillage, vegetables, herbs, oh yes, and a conservatory would be lovely too, thanks! Here are some pretty examples I've seen on my travels.

from the gone-but-never-to-be-forgotten Charlotte Moss Townhouse shop in the heart of the Upper East Side. Oh Charlotte, a jaunt to NYC won't be the same without your lovely shop! This is the best treillage I have ever seen. photos: margot austin

the courtyard garden at the Number Sixteen, London. Didn't have enough time to enjoy properly. Excited to see chairs that are almost identical matches to my own set of 8. photo: margot austin

A tiny pocket behind a glass door but open to the sky at the Hotel des Grands Hommes in Paris. So French, so chic, such a beautiful urn. photo: margot austin

Well, really no garden to speak of, just a couple of boxwood balls in pots (foreground) but with butler service and a view over Mayfair, I'd take it (if, that is, I could afford it). Terrace at the Connaught Hotel, London. photo: margot austin.

Oh my, really quite envious of this exquisite conservatory and surrounding green and white garden. If I could hire a gardener, this is where he would work and I wouldn't lift a finger -- except to sip some iced tea. photo: marston & langinger.


leafy greens

I love with this fabric lately. It's called Fig Leaf and it's by designer Peter Dunham. I picked up a memo sample at the Y & Co showroom in Toronto a while ago and have been carrying it around imagining rooms around it ever since.

And here are a couple of rooms that feature it:

a bathroom by Peter Dunham...

...and a beach cottage by Tom Scheerer -- this room I truly adore -- all it's missing is me, a sunburn and a gin and tonic!