devyn, i love you

Ole' Resto has done some whack stuff over the last couple of years. But this lovely, the Devyn Tufted Daybed, is making up for all that. A daybed never has to work too hard to win me over. Current number in the Austin personal inventory: five. Yes, that's right, five! Admittedly one is in storage. Four of our daybeds are on full active duty. Why do I love a daybed?

1. It's a sofa AND a bed.

2. More comfortable to sleep (or sit) on than most pull out sofas.

3. Endless opportunities for pillow design and styling.

4. Amazing for kids' rooms (since they are also great to hang out and laze around on).

5. Perf. for a home office that needs to accommodate occasional overnighters.

6. So cozy for a family room/TV room, since everyone can snuggle up (and so much more chic than a sectional).

7. Little known fact: also perfect as spot for packing suitcases: enough room to open the suitcase and layout all the clothes you need around it so you can make your final packing decisions.

Devyn is all these things and so much more thanks to the luscious tufting, the swooping arms that make it wing chair-like (another of my loves), and it comes in Sand linen and Fog velvet -- yum and yum. And last but not least, please take a moment to enjoy the unbelievable styling of those bed linens! We are def having a loose styling moment when it comes to beds. The keen creative squad at RH were no doubt trying to make this thing seem a little more 'tween/teen by styling it louche and relaxed (hello headphones). It's dreamy. When I transform one of our daybeds into sleeping mode I usually skip the putting onof sheets and such. Instead, I either fold a large queen duvet in half lengthwise like a luxurious sleeping bag or I just put one full duvet on the bottom and one on top and then add sleeping pillows. It's way less fuss to make and then to wisk away the next day.

Imagine how different Devyn would look with snug-fitting plum velvet mattress cover and a mess of velvet cushions. Or tweeds and tartans. Or ombré linens. Or a tumble of kilim and suzani cushions...honestly, the possibilities! (see no. 3 above).

RH, welcome back. All is forgiven (well, maybe not quite ALL...but close).


vintage fine objects

Here's a little tip for those of you who catch up with me here rather than on the Twitters or the FB. There's big news chez Austin (even bigger than our mini basement reno). Last week my Mr. A. launched his latest antiques business right here on the Internets. Vintage Fine Objects is his latest commercial-meets-creative outlet. On the new site Mr. A is sorting his wares into groups that reflect his favourite design profiles. He's also having great fun compiling Featured collections, which are kind of like mini gallery exhibits. It's early days yet – a few widgets and tools are yet to come – but I assure you he's very much open for business and he's got lots up his sleeve (and in a full storage space)!  

Here's where to find him:

web site:



downstairs bathroom reno

The M word crept into my life recently: mold ((((shudders)))). You know on the TV shows when they see a few specs of mold on drywall and then the whole team stops. The homeowners are told to move out. The Hazmat team arrives in white jumpsuits to get it all out and save the day. Ya, well, that's not how it goes down in real life. In real life you pop on a paper mask, grab a pry bar and a drywall saw and cut that dark nasty stuff out and leave it in the driveway. Then you call a contractor. Well, the assessment is in and with the help of a team of experts we are launching a multi-pronged defense against the onslaught of water and unwanted resulting fungi. The upshot: we need a new bathroom on our lower level.

I've been pinning like a madwoman and racing around to the big box stores. My top criteria: cheap. Next on my list: black floor, white walls, and oh yes, cheap. I lucked into finding this great detailed post on Door Sixteen. This golden oldie circa 2009 by Anna Dorfman is exactement the look I'm going for. Truthfully I think this is one of the very best DIY blog posts ever in the history of the universe. Helpful detail shots, originality, incredibly detailed background info plus great comments and thoughtful answers. Ms. Dorfman has a new fan in me. So, here's her bathroom. Now, go see the rest of Door Sixteen.

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